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More Revelation


Four Horsemen

Watercolor: 28"x 22" Original: $800.

 Giclee print: $200.


This is a portrait of Humankind's unbridled passion...unleashed desires. 


White Horse: Rider wears a crown and royal robes, indicating the wish to conquer by Military conquest. 

Red Horse:Rider brandishing great Sword

permitted to cause disorder, assassinations, bloodshed: fighting among Semitic peoples

Black Horse: Rider carrying scales, indicating weighing and pricing of grain, profiting

from famine and economic hardship

Pale Horse: Rider is death, followed by Hades, which is given power over 1/4 of earth to kill by plagues and destruction.


"...they cried out in a loud voice.. how long will it be before you judge and avenge our blood on the inhabitants of the earth?"  Rev. 6:10

The Lamb

The Lamb Conquers   Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Nancy Macgregor   40" x 10"   Original: $1,500.   Giclee Print:  $250.   

The Lamb Conquers

Revelation 19 & 20

God designated Jesus to fulfill three roles at the Second Coming:

Conqueror (1st panel of the painting,)  Judge (middle,) and Bridegroom (right)







“Hallelujah!  Salvation and glory and power to our God, for his judgements are true and just...for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.”      Revelation 19: 1b and 7b   NRSV

As Conquror, Jesus appears on a white horse, wearing a crown. His robe is dipped in blood to remind us he is here to avange the martyrs. His purpose is to rid the world of all earthly kings. who would destroy peoples and pillage the earth.  As Judge, Jesus will place all non-believers, living and dead, in the Lake of Eternal Fire.  All believers, those

listed in the book of life, will be with Jesus, where he rules in eternity. As the Bridegroom,  Jesus will welcome his followers to the table at the Wedding Feast as if each were his bride. Marriage is the ultimate earthly symbol of committed love, so Jesus fulfills this role to express his devotion. His victory over death becomes ours as well.


Revelation Exhibition Poster/

Bible Study Cover

This poster art is a simplified version of the Serigraph used to illustrate the Lesson Clash of the Kingdoms.


This poster is $150.,and each Serigraph print is $350. because these are hand pulled prints done by the silk screen process. As an extra bonus, For every Serigraph Print that is purchased, A complete bible lesson for those chapters related to the print will be included with purchase.

Check out the Serigraph which inspired this Poster by clicking on the Clash button below.

The Legacy

The Presence of Angels is the name I have given to a new group of paintings which has developed out of my love of the Angels I worked with so often while studying and painting from the Book of Revelation. I have come to realize that there are Angels working in todays' world with the same intentions that they have always had.  They are messengers from God, protectors of humanity, Guides, and most of all, Servents of God.  I am trying to show these concepts in my newer paintings. 

Nancy Macgregor, October 2020

The Presence of Angels.jpg
The Prophet1.jpg

"The Legacy"

Acrylic painting on Canvas  20"x 16" 

Revelation 10

A mighty angel prophet appears to John and hands him a scroll; giving him the authority to be a prophet. In keeping with crossing time barriers, I show the Angel projecting the message to a News Broadcaster, an angel who may be working today.

Face like the Sun:  Reflecting God's Glory

Legs are Pillars of fire; to show guidance, as in God's leading the Hebrews out of Egypt.

Astride Land & Sea; This message for all.

Spiral from Mouth: Loud voice. Angel in Hebrew means mouthpiece of God. 

Head on Computer Screen: Today's mess- ages reach us around the world by internet. Can we discern when an angel is speaking?

You must prophesy again about many peoples and nations and languages and Kings.   Revelation 10:11 (NRSV)

Two Witnesses

"Two Witnesses"

Acrylic painting on canvas  16"x 20"

Revelation  11

Here  two prophets are standing outside a great city, prophesying and showing great powers. After they have finished what God has told them to say, they are killed. After three and a half days, they are taken up to God. 

Fire and other natural elements: As the superheros of

today's comics, the Angel on the right attracts attention

by using nature in outsize miraculous ways.

Olive Trees: The traditional symbols of Moses snd Elijah, who also displayed great natural wonders & Prophecy.

Angel holding fire:  Lampstands are another symbol for 

prophets, called spirit Angels, for fire symbolizes spirit.

Figure holding sign: This is what I think contemporary Angel Prophet would be doing today: a protestor for human rights. Think Ghandi or Martin Luther King.

"And I will give power to my two witnesses and they will Prophesy 1,200 days clothed in Sackcloth." Rev. 11:3

The Wedding Feast

"The Wedding Feast"

Acrylic painting on Canvas  16" x 20"

Revelation 19

Here, a waiter leads us to the scene of the Wedding 

Feast. He is a modern day equivalent to the Angel being a servant  of God, who led John to the Wedding Feast in Heaven.  Often Angels are the link between God and humankind, thus a servant of both.

Waiter escorts the viewer: Angel  explains how fortunate we are to be invited to the feast.

Wedding feast:  A celebration of God's victory over evil, and death. Also believers return to join Christ.

Bride: Symbol of the saints. Those believers who  have died and are reunited with Christ in heaven.

Bride wears white: Symbolizing purity of the saints. 

A promise that those believers who die will be purified and make perfect in heaven by God,

Jesus with Bride:  Marriage between Christ and the church. Shows the love and commitment between Jesus and believers,

"Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!" At this I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, "Do not do it! I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers who hold to the testimony of Jesus."  Revelation 19:9,10

Wedding Feast.jpg
The Arrival

The Arrival

Computer generated Art from several photos and colored in photoshopPhotograpghic Print: 11"x 14"  

You may look at this image and say, "I can't see what it has to do with Revelation."  Well, I had been working on images and prophecies from Revelation for years, had come to know all the angels in the book, and I just said to myself,  "do I have a guardian angel of my own?"  I sensed immediately that I do, and after praying to know more about my angel (or angels as it turned out,) I began recognizing messages in my dreams, or during meditation while praying.  So I came up with this image of an angel standing on water, holding the hand of a person under water. Water symbolizes the unconscious state.  It seem to help us communicate with God, Jesus, or any of their Messengers. This angel is patterned after the Adult Billy Elliot as he looked doing Swan Lake. The large semi-circle is God radiating spiritual energy to the angel, who passes it to the figure underwater.

I don't believe I have sole proprietorship of an angel, He/she is able to serve many I am sure. but I feel some do know me personally. Another whom I have received help from is a brainy Brit who helps me make such things as this Web Site. He by the way is pictured in "The Legacy", which you may also find in this same Revelation grid of images.  I am also visited by a lovely woman who has been a spiritual guide and relationship mender in my name. You can see her on this site at the Interior Lives painting series, The painting called: Your body is the Temple. To see her, click on the last button to the right. Who knows how many keep us in line, and keep us safe for what God has in mind.

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