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Revelation Serigraphs

Christ Among the Lampstands

numbered signed Serigraph: 22"x 26"  

Revelation 1-3

Jesus appears to John for the first time in a dream. He tells him to write letters to Seven Churches in Asia Minor.

Standing Figure with white wooly hair: Jesus appears to John as the sacrificial lamb

Head radiating light: Jesus' divine nature

Blazing Eyes: discerning in judgment

Sword: truth is sharper than a two-edged sword.

Figure on Floor: The prophet John, who received the visions and wrote this book while imprisoned on Patmos

Seven candlesticks: The seven churches for whom Jesus directs John to send letters; also Seven angels (one to protect each church)

The images in the flames: the reward each church is promised for being faithful

Jesus holds keys: to God's kingdom.

Jesus holds Solar System:

God created all. Jesus was there

from before creation

"These are the words of He who walks among the seven golden lampstands...Let anyone who has an ear listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches:  

Revelation 2:1,7  (NRSV)

Anchor 1

The Throne Room

numbered & signed Serigraph: 22"x26" 

Revelation 4,5

John records that he was transported by the spirit to a Throne Room in Heaven 

Wide Door: All believers welcome in Heaven.

Seven torches: The prescence of the Holy Spirit

Kneeling Saints: Martyrs who died for Jesus

Throne: Power and authority of God

Jewel: The blinding brilliance of God

Elders: Worthy of Golden Crowns, heavenly council

Scroll with 7 seals:  Jesus holds knowledge of the 

future. He will unlock the Seals so John can prophecy.

Lamb: Jesus is called the sacrificial lamb.In the Hebrew/ Jewish faith, a lamb is sacrificed on the altar to take away their sins. Jesus gavehis life on the cross so all believers' sins could be forgiven.

Worthy art thou to take the scroll and to open its's seals, for thou wast slain and by thy blood didst ransom men for God. Rev. 5:9 (RSV) 

Throne Room

Clash of the Kingdoms

numbered and signed Serigraph 22"x26"

Revelation 12,13  

We have the conflict between Good and Evil. This battle is on going: global and personal.

Beasts out of Sea: Earthly kings, false prophets, anti-christ

Beast has mortal wound that healed: Supernatural power

Book of life: The book with each Christians name listed.

Soldiers: Christians on the Book of life. They conquer the beasts by the blood of the lamb, the word of their testimony.

Beast with Lamb's Mask: Imperial puppet forces worship of the first beast with false promises, looks like a lamb, speaks like a dragon.

Woman with Baby: Mary giving birth to Jesus, or the birth of Israel. Both are suffering birth pangs, (big changes) 

Surrounded by Sun, Moon at her feet: Goodness under God's protection from Satan and all of his minions.

Crown of 12 stars: Twelve tribes of Israel. Protected also

Angel in heaven with raised Sword: Michael, who led the angel armies in heaven to force Satan and his minions out.

Dragon: Satan poised to devour Messiah.

Seven heads, Ten Horns: Rome's 7 hills, and Ten emperors

Long Dragon tail reaches up to sky: Tail sweeps 1/3 of Angels from heaven who worked with Satan. They now cause evil on earth.

But they have conquered him by the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.   Rev. 12:11 NRSV 

Reaping the Earth

numbered & signed Serigraph: 22"x26" $350.

Revelation 14, 15

The Son of Man, Jesus, is directed by God to reap the harvest of the earth. This symbolizes his role designated by God to judge all peoples.

The Reaper: Jesus, also called the Son of Man, is commissioned by God to judge what happens to the people of earth when they die.

Sickle: Collects and separates humankind according to their deeds

Grains of Wheat: Believers, redeemed for God

Grapes of Wrath: The vintage of the earth, who are not believers are headed for the wine press, God's Wrath leaves them trampled outside the Holy City.

1st Angel: Proclaims the Gospel: "Fear God and worship Him."

2nd Angel: Babylon has fallen because of her adulteries; wine of impure passions.

3rd Angel: Altar angel with power over fire, denounces those who worship the beast.

Above the clouds: Dwelling place of God

Lamb: Jesus dwells with God after being sacrificed.

The Hill:.In Jerusalem, religious headquarters called Mt. Zion, 

becomes heavenly city, the New  Jerusalem.where believers

will spend eternity.

Sea of Glass: The Lamb leads the faithful across the sea from death to life.

"...Blessed are the dead who from now on die in the Lord...they will rest from their labors, for their

deeds follow them." Rev. 14:13.


Bowl 1: Poured out on those bearing the mark of the 

beast, causeing foul sores

Bowl 2: Poured into sea, turning it to blood, killing all 

Bowl 3: Poured into fresh water, revenging saints

Bowl 4: Poured onto the Sun, fire kills all unrepentant.

Bowl 5: Poured onto the throne of the beast, world

plunged into darkness still many unrepentant

Bowl 6: Poured onto Euphrates, dries up, allowing conquerors from the East a way in to battle.

Bowl 7: Poured into air, causing lightning, thunder

Earthquakes announce destruction as Babylon falls

The Harlet: Symbol of Babylon's excesses of lust for

political power, material goods and sexual seduction

Harlot wears purple, gold, jewels: trappings of 

royalty, wealth and showiness

Gold Cup: Harlot must carry the impurities resulting from

all her prior behaviors.

Riding the Beast: Controling the kingdoms she seduced

The Beast: Destructive force of Evil running amok. The Kingdoms who succumbed to the Harlot

Scarlet: the color of Satan, Plagues of blood and fire

Foaming mouth: Lies & blasphemes

7 heads 10 horns: 7 hills and 10 emperors of Rome

"Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great!It has become a

dwelling place of demons...for all the nations have

drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication...

"Revelation 18:2a,3a 

The Fall of Babylon

numbered & signed Serigraph 22"x 26" $350.

Revelation 16-18

God finally seeks revenge for the martyrs. We see God's wrath ending those hostile to divine purposes. The final destruction of the earth as Babylon falls.


New Jeru

The New Jerusalem

numbered & signed Serigraph. 28"x 22" $350 

Revelation 21,22

This is John's vision of the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven.

God dwell's here, as well as Jesus, and

all the saints (believers who have died.)


The Bride: A city adorned for Marriage.

Wall & 12 Gates:12 apostles, 12 Israeli tribe

The River: The source of eternal life. No more thirst, given without payment. 


Vine: The resurrected Jesus supports figures



Fruit and leaves Holy spirit healing power



Golden Figures: The resurrected body: no pain,



no tears, no hunger or thirst



Heroic Figures: Called Conquerors over death





The spirit and the Bride say come...let



anyone who wishes take the water of life



as a gift. Rev. 22:17 




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