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One-Woman Shows & Juried Exhibitions

 Revelation* One Woman Show of Serigraphs

                     UW Lutheran Campus Center

                     Bethel Lutheran Church

Lutheran Brotherhood 12 Madison churches

Artful Woman differing Madison Locations

Seipple Center for the Arts Beaver Dam, WI

Warner Park Community Center Madison

CIVA Christians in the Visual Arts

           Concordia University, Mequon.Wi

           UC at Berkley, California

Illuminations* One Woman Show

                       Oakwood Village West, Madison

We Do Not Lose Heart* One Woman Show

                  UW Health Sciences Learning Center

Willy Street West  One Woman Show

                              Urban and Rural landscape       WVA  Wisconsin Visual Artists

          Ms Macgregor is a Professional Member

          Juried shows, in the Madison Area                      

*More photos of paintings from the  shows below


The above photo was taken at the opening of

Nancy Macgregor's One Woman Show:

We Do Not Lose Heart; mounted in the Atrium

of the Health Sciences Learning Center, U W

Hospital & Clinics, 750 Highland Dr., Madison.

The poster below and the three artworks in this section are also from the show. You may have

this traveling Exhibition hung in your gallery

area.Use the CONTACT page on this site to

discuss your situation with Nancy.

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