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One-Woman Shows & Juried Exhibitions

 Revelation* One Woman Show of Serigraphs

                     UW Lutheran Campus Center

                     Bethel Lutheran Church

Lutheran Brotherhood 12 Madison churches

Artful Woman differing Madison Locations

Seipple Center for the Arts Beaver Dam, WI

Warner Park Community Center Madison

CIVA Christians in the Visual Arts

           Concordia University, Mequon.Wi

           UC at Berkley, California

Illuminations* One Woman Show

                       Oakwood Village West, Madison

We Do Not Lose Heart* One Woman Show

                  UW Health Sciences Learning Center

Willy Street West  One Woman Show

                              Urban and Rural landscape       WVA  Wisconsin Visual Artists

          Ms Macgregor is a Professional Member

          Juried shows, in the Madison Area                      

*More photos of paintings from the  shows below


The above photo was taken at the opening of

Nancy Macgregor's One Woman Show:

We Do Not Lose Heart; mounted in the Atrium

of the Health Sciences Learning Center, U W

Hospital & Clinics, 750 Highland Dr., Madison.

The poster below and the three artworks in this section are also from the show. You may have

this traveling Exhibition hung in your gallery

area.Use the CONTACT page on this site to

discuss your situation with Nancy.

Heart Vortex l .jpg

Acrylic on Canvas board 24"x28"

Heart Vortex

Sacred heart .jpg

 Sacred Heart Acrylic on Canvas  14"x 18"




Spiritis Conference Poster 12"x16"

Designed & Illustrated by Nancy Macgregor 



The pieces for this exhibit were created to explore literally and figuratively the heart.  I have reflected our cultural images of this symbol of life and love. I intend to show the powerful emotion associated with this driv-ing force in our bodies and spirit. 




Here is the Bethel Lutheran Church Fireside Gallery. Nancy and two viewers are discussing her One-Woman Show of paintings and Serigraph prints inspired by the Book of Revelation. This exhibition started with a grant from Bethel to do six prints. She and Mary Brennan, a Bible study instructor of the Bethel Series, wrote a Study Guide to accompany them. The first Exhibit debuted at the turn of the millenium, but the work has grown ever since. This current Exhibit includes Nancy's latest addition, The Presence of Angels: a series of paintings and bible lessons based on the large role Angels played in Revelation. Check out the 1st grid below for art from the Original Exhibit, and  the 2nd grid showing more Revelation as well as some new paintings in the Angels series.  


Click on any image in the first grid

for an enlargement and a link to information about the print.

Christ Among the Lampstands

Christ Among the Lampstands

The Throne Room

The Throne Room

Clash of the Kingdoms

Clash of the Kingdoms

The New Jerusalem

The New Jerusalem

Reaping the Earth

Reaping the Earth

Fall of Babylon

Fall of Babylon

Traveling Exhibition

If your organization, gallery, or church would like to see some or all of these Revelation art pieces exhibited in your building, just use the CONTACT page on this Site to arrange with Nancy. She is willing to bring this Exhibit to you.  She also is willing to have a "meet the artist" time, or give an interactive lecture and discussion period, should you wish this.