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Journey to the Afterlife  Acrylic on wood panel  42" x 30"  Original: $2,500.   Giclee print: $250.   About this painting & go to cart click: 

Open Studio


Nancy Portrait 13 size.jpg

 Nancy Macgregor grew up in Columbus, Wi. She received her B. F. A. from  Layton School of Art in Milwaukee.  She later took Photography Courses at the Art Institute of Chicago.

After working in Advertising and Television Produc-tion in Chicago for many years, Nancy opened an Art Studio serving clients from Advertising, Book Publishing, CBS Television, and The Chicago Tribune. 

Upon returning to Madison, Nancy continued Free-lance art as she studied Printmaking at UW Madison.  She then taught Serigraphy and Figure Drawing at MATC, where Nancy also studied Computer Graphics.  Then able to add those skills to her freelance projects, she could also add Photography, Illustrator, and Photoshop to her teaching skills of Drawing, Watercolor, and Acrylics. Nancy presented all these courses in rotation at Oakwood West, UW Continuing Ed., MSCR, and Goodman Community Center. 

Nancy is now doing painting commissions and painting in her studio in preparation for exhibiting.

Check out the Galleries below, which highlight the range of  art works available on this site.

To reach Nancy Macgregor in order to  inquire or comment about any work on this site, click the CONTACT BUTTON to the left.

 Sierra Nevadas Tryptic

Acrylic paint on panel 46"x36"

This tryptic was debuted at the

Open Studio event Nancy

hosted shown here.

Open Studio

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