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Interior Lives

"Cold Feet"

Watercolor on D'Arches  30"x 40"

 I once had a beau who was desperate to marry me. He mentioned it on the first date and kept talking about it, urging me to set a date. After six months, we did set the date, but as soon as I was ready, and started planning the wedding, he started to back off. The closer we got to the ceremony, the less enthusiasm he showed. He waited until I had sent for the dress, sent out the announcements, reserved the reception venue, and the church, had meetings with the Pastor, arranged for music

and picked attendants. Then he called it off, embarrassing me in front of everyone I knew and many strangers. To say nothing about rearranging my whole life. Working on this painting helped me to move through the frustration and hurt, to a place where I could laugh.

Cest La Vive 

Cold Feet.jpg
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